Barn Family

Your Barn Family

One of my first blog posts was about finding the right barn. Since then I have learned that there is something even more important to you and your horse’s happiness. A barn family is just that, a family. If you have a good one, you will be loved and supported no matter what.

Your barn family isn’t everyone at your barn, though it maybe depending on your barn’s size. I have a barn sister who I ride with, go to non-barn things with, and just enjoy to hang out with. Then I have my barn aunts, since my mom is the barn mom, who look out for me, cheer me on, but give me a hard time when I need it. They also help me learn and comfort me when need be.

They are the people you ride with, laugh and cry with, and just enjoy hanging out with. Your barn family are the people you hope to see when you go to the barn and look for when you walk in.

Your trainer should be a huge part of your barn family. If you don’t enjoy their company or wouldn’t do things outside the barn with them, then you are at the wrong barn. Like a family though, you may not always agree and like each other. When you have a bad day, don’t pack up and move everything. Work through it like the through horse people you are!

Last week I felt like my world was crumbling and falling apart. My barn family was there and helped me through it. By the end of the night, I was laughing and felt a whole lot better thanks to them. I know I can ask them the weird off the wall questions I have and the serious ones as well.

Your barn family should help you make all of you, reasonable, dreams come true. They are the ones keeping you on track and the ones that help you regroup when things go wrong.

Do you have any stories about your barn family?

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