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Year End Review

Unless you live in warm areas of the world, your show season is officially over for at least a couple weeks around the holidays. Most people take this time to reflect on their show season and plan their next one. This year for me was filled with ups and downs but a whole lot of fun.

I started the year off with a lot of indoor dressage shows to prepare for event season and keep improving Gus’s dressage skills. This helped us stay fit and motivated as well throughout the cold winter months here in Ohio. We made our First Level debut and even tied for second place our first time out. I  also got my first ambassadorships over the winter (thank you Buckwild Breeches and Majyk Equipe)!

Sunshine and Horse Shows

With the warmer weather came outdoor shows and event season! I made my move up to Novice Level in May and was super pumped. After some lameness issues which put us on the bench for a long time in the middle of summer, we came back better than ever. We competed in our first ever championship division at the TIP Championships finishing 3rd and 7th in our classes and 4th in our division! We rounded out our time together with some amazing Dressage shows.

The Worst Goodbye

Unfortunately, the end of September and early October I hit my lowest. Gus had to go back home due to circumstances out of my control and I said goodbye to the horse that gave me so much. I also had to stop riding for 6 weeks due to being extremely ill and some days not being able to get out off the couch.

Winter Wonderland

November came around and I got my new partner in crime! Cash is an 11-year-old, 17.2 hand warmblood and an absolute blast to ride! In the short time I have leased him, I have grown and learned so much as a rider.

The offseason also comes with year-end banquets! Gus and I had qualified for 5 year-end awards program all for dressage. Pretty good for a horse who was never supposed to be fancy. And here are the results:

  1. The Kentucky Dressage Association
    Training Level Jr/Yr – 3rd
    First Level Jr/Yr – 1st
  2. Walnut Creek Stables
    Training Level Jr – 1st
    First Level Open – 4th
    First Level High Point
  3.  Queen City Dressage Circuit
    Training Level – 2nd
    Training Level High Point
    First Level High Point
  4. Majestic Farms Series 1
    Training Level Open – 6th
    First Level Open – 6th
  5. Region 2
    Training Level Jr – 2nd
    First Level Jr – 1st

Thank you for all of your support this year!

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