Winter Wrap Up

It’s that time of year again!  We are at the end of yet another year and it is time to wrap up the happenings of this past year. This year involved horse shows, clinics, events ,new ambassadorships and the year end award banquets.

Horse Shows

This year we were showing all year round and in a couple of different. We also moved up a class level, which for me is very exciting!  I like when I improve my riding during training and get the opportunity to try new levels at shows.  It gives me something to drive towards.  The show season was fun and at times a little hectic, but it was all worth it.


During the middle of our show season we got the opportunity to participate in some clinics.  We did a ride-a-test clinic that involved perfecting the dressage tests we were riding and we as well as a dressage clinic. This coming year I hope to go to more to learn even more, whether through riding or auditing.  I feel like they are a great way to grow your knowledge outside of normal training.


I had the opportunity to attend Equine Affaire, Quarter Horse Congress and Breyerfest.  It is fun to go to these events because you can get great discounts, buy almost everything you need, learn about new and upcoming companies and gain knowledge about other disciplines.  They are also a fun way to make new friends who are interesting in the same thing you are.


This year I got the opportunity to partner up with a couple more companies looking for ambassadors.  I get to work with a new clothing/accessory company as well as another treat company.  It is very exciting when a company thinks you are worth their time and feel that you would do a great job representing them.  Also it is fun to have and try new products that you can give reviews on to help the companies grow.

Future Plans

Looking into the future we have plans for advancing in our classes, showing year round again and hopefully attending more clinics.  Also I plan on attending more equine related events, such as Kentucky Three Day Event.  There is much to look forward to and I cannot wait to bring on the New Year!

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