Why I Ride

Most people know what a horse looks like. Few people know what a bond with a horse looks like. Sure horses are admired by many but not the sports horses are involved in. Many people ask riders “Why? Why do you ride?”

I ride because it’s not only a good pass time but it’s also my passion. I love robots and I love science, but neither come close to my love for horses. Riding allows me to see what I’m truly capable of and then push myself further.

I started riding because my dad didn’t know what to get me for Christmas and there was an online coupon for lessons at a local barn. After about 3 years of taking weekly lessons, I rode in my first show. And, I instantly fell in love with it.

If you fast forward about 3 more years, you would see me competing in my first full show season in the local dressage circuit. A year later I tried my hand at hunters and found my true love, eventing. Last year, I competed in my first sanctioned horse trail and this year in my first Beginner Novice.

So why do I put myself through the early mornings and late nights? Through the disappointment of not doing as well at the show as I have been at home? Why would anyone pay so much for a $5 ribbon?

Because I love the thrill of running across a giant field with my giant horse and jumping crazy things come people only dream about. I do this because I know what tiny victories and aha moments feel like. Because, to me, it’s way more than a ribbon. It’s seeing my family and friends at the exit gate with huge smiles because we finished that hard course. I do it because I love every minute of it.


  1. You are such a talented and blessed young lady. I wish I lived closer so I could be one of those standing at the exit gate with a big smile and congratulations for you!

  2. Well said! As a fellow geek equestrian, I honor your noble cause! Geeks everywhere would benefit from time spent with horses. (horses might also benefit from time with geeks, but I’m not sure) In any case, you are correct, there’s literally nothing like riding. I look forward to following your journey.

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