What is Coding

With technology rapidly improving and becoming a part of our everyday lives it’s hard not to wonder how I do what it does. This is where engineers, mainly computer engineers, and computer scientists, come into play with something called coding. You have probably heard of computer coding or programming at least on time in the past year or so. It has made its way into many schools for a very good reason.

Let’s start off with what is “coding”.  According to Dictionary.com, computer coding is: The instructions in a computer program. Instructions written by a programmer in a programming language are often called source code.Think of coding as a way to teach a computer how to do something. The program is made, using some code, by the programmer to tell the computer how to do a specific task once or infinite times. Computer code a language used to communicate these instructions to the computer in a way it can understand it. Unfortunately, computers don’t understand “Make the background this shade of blue”. It does understand background(0,0,250); though.

Learning this language can be very easy if you have the right tools. I was fortunate enough to have a computer programming class last year at my school. But here’s the good news! There are a ton of free website that can teach you how to code! They range from drag and drop tutorials to making shooting star animations and simple websites. I have expanded my abilities with Khan Academy and Code.org, but there are a ton out there that you can use.

So, we know what coding is and we know that we can learn it, but the big question is: “Why should I?” First off, coding will help you gain problem-solving skills in a new way. Coding makes you thinking through the whole problem, while also causing you to make it into smaller tasks. There are also jobs that require simple coding skills out there. The majority of computer programming jobs go unfilled every year. So, if you find you like coding and want a  career in it, you probably won’t have too much trouble finding a job. ( No promises, though 🙂 ) Our world is being filled with technology more and more every day, so we need people that can make that technology even better.

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