Walk on the Wild Side

Today was our second free day! Originally, we were going to head to the opera house for a tour and then spend the afternoon at museums. However, the opera house had to close due to security reasons so we headed out to the Zoo!


beignetWe decided to get breakfast on the way to the RER station. So we hopped into the best bakery this morning. I got another chocolate beignet. I was able to order all in French and I felt so much more confident this time around which was awesome! It tasted just as good as the first time and was a perfect thing to eat while walking.


I forgot to take a picture of my lunch so please accept this otter picture instead.

We had lunch at the zoo as we still had about half the park to go around lunch time. I ordered a cheese burger and fries as it was one of the cheaper items on the menu. I did order in French but was kind of nervous because it was kind of crazy so I was asked some follow up questions. The food was pretty normal for a zoo. But it was still very good and gave us energy to finish off the zoo.


After walking around the Jeu de Paume, a photography museum, and some of Paris for another assignment, my roommate and I headed to the Latin Quarter for dinner. The name of the game was a cheaper menu while still being able to sit inside.

Freshness Salad
We were under a red light so these pictures are going to be a little wonky.

steak with pepper sauce and friesChocolate Mousse






We found a 9.70 euro, three course menu and decided to go with that. I got a freshness salad which is lettuce, cucumbers, beats, tomatoes, and some kind of dressing that I couldn’t quite place. I ended up eating the lettuce only as I am not a huge fan of the other stuff but I wanted to order it as I have been seeing the salad around town and was curious to what it was. My main course was a steak with fries and a pepper sauce. I have never had a pepper sauce before and I was really happy to have tried it as it was really good. The fries were also a lot like scalloped potatoes which was a fun change to normal fries. The steak was tasty and just the right size. Chocolate mousse was what I had for dessert. It was more liquid than the other ones I’ve had but it still had a good strong flavor that I didn’t really mind.

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