Tricking Out Your Trailer

Your trailer is home base at many shows. Whether you are hanging out at your trailer or just unpacking, an organized trailer is best. I was able to find the perfect cabinet for my trailer that takes my organization to a whole new level.

Go Up Not Out

If your think about it, trailers have more room above the floor than on the floor. Using your wall space is vital to maximizing your track room space. Cabinets or Shelves are the best. You can either build your own or buy something.

I found a wire cabinet that allows me to accomplish several things at once. The wire outside lets me hang things on it while storing things inside. If you can try to find something you can use in several ways.

Wire Cabinet

Carabiners and Bags

Carabiners are the best and bags allow quick grab a goes. I hang my horse boots in mess bags by carabiners. The mesh allows them to breathe and air out after if rinse them off.  I don’t recommend bags for storage of bigger things since they can rip and break easier. Hanging things with carabiners will give you more options for storage.

Buckets and Drawers

Buckets and drawers are the best for the majority of your storage and organization needs. These are very good for grouping like things and smaller things in one place. If your shelves are too tall that there is a ton of extra space, they let you make another smaller shelf. Milk crates or storage tubs are also very helpful. I use a storage tub to help unload and store things at smaller shows.


Trailer doors are the most unused areas in the trailer. Smaller things like whip holders, white borders, or packing lists are perfect things to hang on your door.  Any vertical space is your friend.

Velcro and Hooks

Lots of trailers have some kind of hooks built in. Extra hooks are never a bad thing for show coats, cross country vests, boots bags, and other equipment. Velcro can help keep things in place. I used velcro to keep my saddle pad rack on the wall and keep it from flapping.



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