Too Hot to Handle

Sweating through your clothes when riding is no fun. Warm weather can put a damper on your riding time. But fear not! There are still plenty of things you can do when the barn is too hot to handle.

If you are hot and sweaty chances are that your horse is feeling the heat as well. Use this opportunity to give them a deep clean and bath. Thoroughly groom their body, face, mane, and tail. Maybe brain their mane up so less of it is on their neck. You don’t have to do anything fancy, but it can make a huge difference. You can also hose them off and tidy them up. Take the time to clean off any stains or make them super shiny. Just make sure the water isn’t sitting on them too long. It can trap heat in it and make your horse even hotter and maybe even get heat stroke.

In case you are still in the cleaning mood, you can clean your tack. Take apart your bridle and get all of those nooks and crannies. Condition everything to keep it soft and clean. Taking your time while cleaning your tack will not only make it that much cleaner but will also keep you out of the direct heat.

You can also work on simple things with your horse. Carrot stretches are a good way to get your horse loose without riding them. These can also be used to teach them tricks like bowing and hugging. Ground work is another good hot day activity. This can help establish manners and improve your bond. Simple things like backing up, slowing down and speeding up in the walk, and stopping with you are a good way to teach your horse to pay attention to you.

Reorganizing any time of locker or trunk you have is another hot day activity. Unless you have a good system you may want to take another look at how you have things stored. If nothing else pulling this out and giving them a once over allows you to take simple inventory of what you have. If you see that you are low on a couple things, make a run to the local tack store if possible.

Just because it’s too hot to ride doesn’t mean it’s too hot to be at the barn. Use the time you normally have to ride and get other things done. Be mindful of how you are doing and take breaks if you need to. Make sure you have plenty to drink and a place to cool off for a while.

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