Time Management

“Time is money”

This is a pretty well-known expression that couldn’t be truer. While the cost of your time is not always money in the traditional sense, every decision you make costs you something. Time management as a normal person is important, but as an equestrian is super important.

Don’t Procrastinate

Of course, we hear this over and over and over again, especially when we are in school. Sometimes it’s not always super apparent that we are doing it. I don’t know how many times I have said “Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow” or “I’ll do that tonight” and I still haven’t done it a week or two later. Make a list and try to cross everything off before it has been on your list a week. Doing things will not only have you from a major headache later but it may lead you to an opportunity you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Know Your Limits

This may be class load, work load, or party load. Don’t ver program yourself! I always build in extra time onto tasks just in case traffic is bad or is something unexpected happens. If you end up not needing that extra time, then ta-da! you now have the chance to relax and do whatever. Of course, don’t take it to the other extreme and not do anything or just the minimum. Challenge yourself but not to the point of no return.

Know When You Need a Break

Have you ever had a moment when you catch yourself not focusing when reading because you were so bored or tired? Then you have to focus super hard on focusing and the assignment or page ends up taking longer than the break you were debating about taking. Sometimes taking a break will give you enough time to refocus and regroup before getting more things done. Whenever I feel my brain drifting or becoming tired, I take a short 5-10 minute break. Most of the time, if I schedule break after reading so many pages or getting an assignment done, I get things done a lot quicker.


Managing your time will save you physical, social, emotional, and metaphorical “money” in the long run. It may be a bummer now because you can’t do some fun things with your friends, but your well-being and overall life are much more important. Small sacrifices every now and then will save you from big ones later on. You never know, the time you save may allow you to go tack shopping sometime!

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