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The Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P)


Many of you have probably heard about the Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program even if you don’t ride an OTTB yourself. The Thoroughbred Incentive Program more commonly known as T.I.P highlights the second carrier of ex-racehorses through various awards programs. T.I.P has encouraged the retraining of Thoroughbred since the beginning and truly has helped grow the industry.

Then and Now

T.I.P started only 5 years ago. The program made its debut at Red Hills International on March 8, 2012. In only 3 years the program had more than 1,700 horse shows in 44 states and Canadian provinces. Over 17,000 horses participated and thousands of ribbons were given out. Last year 850 shows were added to the already large list of T.I.P sponsored shows. These shows were in virtually every discipline and were held in 42 states and provinces!


T.I.P offers a wide variety of programs for OTTBs!

Non-Competition Awards

  1. Thoroughbred Recreational Riding Incentive Program is designed for riders who ride or drive for recreation on a regular basis. For more information and log papers click here.
  2. Thoroughbred and Young Rider of the Year Annual Awards go to one OTTB and young rider every year. The Thoroughbred of the Year Award goes to an OTTB who has succeed in a non-competitive setting. The charity who owns the OTTB will receive a $5,000 prize or if the horse is not owned by a charity, the prize money will go to one chosen by T.I.P.

The Young Rider of the Year Award is a $5,000 scholarship that is award through an essay contest. Owners or leasers of an OTTB can apply for the award as long as they were under 18 as of January 1, of that year. These horse and rider combinations participate in programs such as 4H and Pony Club.

Youth Ambassador Program

Every year T.I.P chooses 12 young riders to represent the program and the breed for one year. These riders actively participate in T.I.P shows and promote the competition and breeding of TBs. To find out more about the Ambassador program, click here.

Performance Awards

OTTBs that compete in a wide variety of disciplines can earn points for the T.I.P performance awards. The results from each show are recorded and submitted by the competitor at the end of the competition year. Horse and rider combinations are then ranked with other combinations from all over the country who have competed in the same category. The calendar year for these awards is December 1st to November 30th. For more information and results forms, click here.



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