Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnork is the highest rated Marvel movie yet! I have to say, after seeing it, I can understand why. Not only does it add layers to the Thor plot line and lead up to the next Avengers movie perfectly, it is absolutely hilarious.

Overall Plot

The beginning starts with a funny intro, followed by a fantastic fight scene, which is then followed by more humor and fight scenes for the next 2 hours and 10 minutes. While some people found the first half to be cheesy, I found it entertaining and a good level of action with a pinch of humor. Have you seen a pattern yet? Action and humor, that’s basically what this movie boils down to it.

There are some darker and scarier parts which made the mostly lighthearted movie more like what we expect from Marvel. For this reason, I would not recommend this movie for children who are frightened easily and do not enjoy monsters like mummies.

Character Development

Holy moly did this movie add a ton of layers to new and old characters alike. We are introduced to a multitude of new characters in Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel did a fantastic job of making us love and hate when we needed to. I was really impressed with how much backstory we were given on Valkrie in such a short time. Of course, everyone fell even more in love with the regulars like Thor and Loki.

Speaking of Loki, I was so conflicted throughout the movie. Some parts I was like BAD LOKI and other parts I was like YES LOKI and then there were times I was like WHY LOKI!!!! (#fangirlproblems) We got the normal emotional roller coaster ride that we come to expect with the god of mischief. I am very curious to see how Marvel chooses to handle my favorite villain in future movies. But for now, it seems like they are going to have him use the line between good and evil as a jump rope.

Bada** Women Done Right

Now don’t get me wrong, Marvel does have some pretty kick butt women already.But, I was blown away with Hela and Valkrie. First of all, they did woman’s armor right! None of this revealing stupid stuff we normally get with female warriors. Hela’s outfit closely resembled Thors and Loki’s and Valkrie’s was protective, functional, and practical all at the same time. I loved how strong and independent they made both women and didn’t go overly romantic with either.

Overall, this is by far one of my favorite Marvel movies so far. The plot, character development, costumes, and sets were all done perfectly. It was the perfect amount of action, humor, and darkness without being overdone with romance.

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