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The TCA, Then and Now

Thoroughbred Charities of America began in 1990 when its founders, Herb and Ellen Moelis and the late Allaire du Pont, recognized a need for suitable second career and retirement options for Thoroughbreds retiring from the racetrack. The trio organized a small dinner auction at the Moelis’ Candyland Farm in Middletown, Delaware where they raised $15,000. They donated the money to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. Over the next several years, the dinner auction grew and the money raised increased. Finally, the TCA was established as a nonprofit organization! It had the mission to provide a better life for Thoroughbreds. This is done by supporting qualified repurposing and retirement organizations and by assisting the people who care for them.

TCA works to uphold its mission by providing grants to nonprofit organizations that have successfully completed an annual grant application and review process.

TCA believes in being an extraordinary steward of donations entrusted to us, therefore, an extensive grantee selection process is employed.

Each grant applicant is evaluated on a variety of criteria. These criteria include governance, financials, outreach, horse care and adoption protocols, and much more. Importantly, approximately 95% of TCA’s expenditures are allocated to its program services. Over the last 27 years, more than $21 million has been granted to over 200 Thoroughbred industry related organizations.

One of the unique aspects of TCA is its all-encompassing mission statement. The TCA provides grants to approved rehabilitation, retraining, rehoming, retirement, and Thoroughbred incentive programs. It also grants to approved backstretch and farm worker programs, equine research, and equine-assisted therapy programs that utilize Thoroughbreds. With the generous support of our donors, TCA works to assist as many organizations as possible working on behalf of Thoroughbreds and those who care for them.

For more information about the Thoroughbred Charities of America, visit their introductory blog post, website, or stay tuned for more blog posts featuring them!

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