The Importance of Continuously Learning

Most people stop learning once they leave college with a degree. But that’s not where it the learning should end especially in industries of horses and STEM. Constantly learning is not only good but very important.

The Horse Industry

With something as rooted in tradition as horseback riding you may feel like once you have your method of doing things that it’s set in stone and that’s that. Nope! There is almost always a better or more effiecent method or a horse that your method won’t work on. Take advantage of books, online resources, clinics and lessons whenever you can! When you are holding horses for the vet or farrier ask questions if you can. It may not all be free but consider it an investment. The couple hours here and there and the amount of money you will spend may save you days and a whole bunch of frustration down the road. Plus, new technology is starting to make it way into the rose world meaning that new discoveries will surface that require you to totally rethink your methods and make your life easier!

The STEM Industries

The STEM Industries are so different than the horse industry. It is constantly evolving and new discoveries are always happening. In these industries you almost always have to be learning new things in order to keep up. There are so many free resources out there Iike Khan Academy, Code Academy, that will teach new skills in most STEM fields. Plus you never know when you’ll learn something new and something else will click and you may be the one that discovers something new and revolutionary.

Continuosuly learning is something many people don’t do but can appericate in other people. I love to use the term “constantly curious” because it sums up what I wish people where. We take so much as it is and don’t wonder enough. Keep a list of things you wonder about or what to know how to do and slowly check things off as you can. You don’t have to have a ton of free time either, do some research instead of TV time or during commercials!

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