The Black Panther

Holy moly guys, Marvel has really hit it out of the park this time. I thought Thor Ragnarock was amazing but it has nothing on The Black Panther. There are so many things I love about this movie, I am having a really hard time figuring out where to start.


Now I know I can’t fully grasp the true significance of the amazing cast but I can put my two cents in there. POC playing POC in meaningful roles is something that made me really proud of this movie. I have seen people’s reaction to proper representation and it is something beautiful. Well done, Marvel.

Also, the ladies brought down the house, oh my word! We have amazingly strong women in important roles throughout the entire movie. The biggest thing that got me was the love interest had a role other than falling over the main character. I don’t mind a love interest in movies as long as that isn’t the only reason they are in the movie.

The little sister, Shuri,  is a gem in and of herself. She is a strong and very very smart young woman who can also hold her own on the battlefield and has an amazing level of sass. Everything about her, from the way she interacted with everyone to the way she held her own, was just spot on for a character who is a young genius.


The costumes, more importantly, the women’s costumes, really caught my attention. First of all, the costume department did an amazing job keeping African culture and design in mind when putting together the cast’s outfits. The color palate was spot on and the designs made me feel like I really was in an African country.

The female armor was spot on! It was functional and not oversexualized which is what normally happens. Even when we see Nakia and Okoye fight in dresses, they can still kick some serious butt and not have to fight their wardrobe.


The piece of the movie that made it feel the most realistic to me was the one-liners. Shuri throws some amazing ones at T’Challa that captured the relationship between siblings perfectly. The writers were also able to fit in modern jokes that are a well-known part of pop culture. I caught a couple from Vine and even a vegetarian joke as well.

While Wakanda may not be real, the jokes, costumes, special effects and marvelous (see what I did there) acting made me want to buy a plane ticket there right away. Marvel did an amazing job on The Black Panther in every respect. If this is any indication of what is coming with Infinity Wars, I cannot wait!

Make sure you stay until the very end, there are TWO end credit scene, yes TWO, that you don’t want to miss. 

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