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The Balancing Act

When we think about balancing as riders we often think about our riding and how we can better it.  We take into the consideration of hours and hard work it takes to keep ourselves stable.  This is all great and I love that it helps improve us as riders but what about the balancing act that is the reality of owning a horse and working full-time? How in the world do we do it all?

If you are a working adult like me how do you find time to train full time and work 40 plus hours a week? What kind of crazy schedule do you have to be on?  Also how do you fit in a workout to keep yourself going?  These are some of the many questions I have to ask myself when I think about the life I chose.  Do I have a laid out plan? No but I do have ways to make things work and here’s how:

Always put work as your first priority because the money has to come from somewhere right?  As much as we may dislike our jobs at times we realize that keeping afloat means going and doing our best especially when our horsie expenses become a lot to handle.  AIso I  made sure when choosing my job that I picked one where the hours worked with my training schedule.

My training schedule starts right after I get off of work and goes 5 nights a week.  This can be a bit rough especially when i’m tired and cannot put forth 100% effort.  The start of the week goes extremely well but by the end of the week it’s hard to keep up everything.  To combat that I will try to put in a workout every other night to keep the adrenaline going.  There are also other things I do such as altering my diet, getting lots of rest and taking time to myself away from work and the barn.

Its crazy to think we have to have a balancing act when it comes to our real life situations.  We have to balance work, training, workouts and more and as we well know sometimes this isn’t always easy. I found that just taking time to myself helps keep things in check and helps me relax to make sure I am on top of my game.

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