Taking it Easy

This morning did not start out the best. At 4:30 am, I woke up and had to run to our sink to throw up. (TMI, I know.) After about a half an hour at the sink, a call home, and a talk with my roommate, I decided that staying at the dorm was a good idea. I slept in and rested while the rest of my group went to the Picasso museum.


Around 11 am, I finally had the energy to head out an get something to eat. I knew that I should get something that would be easy on my system so I got a baguette from my favorite bakery. We had some goat cheese in our fridge as well as some grapes that I got a few days ago. Bread, cheese, and grapes are almost as stereotypical French as you can go when it comes to food. It was a nice filling but still safe route to go for food.


Nutella and strawberry crepeI was feeling much better after an easy day in the dorm that I decided I was up to join the group for our evening play. We were going to see The Lesson in a small theater by all of the restaurants in the Latin Quarter. We decided to head down early and grab something quick on our way. There are a ton of crepe stands in the area so we stopped at one and I got a strawberry and Nutella crepe. It was so good but a little difficult to eat. (So worth it though.)


DessertsWe decided that we wanted to stay out for a little bit so we found a place to get drinks and desserts. Around the corner was a nice sit down place that still had their happy hour going on when we got there. We split a creme brulee and a chocolate lava cake with ice cream. I ordered a white martini to go along with dessert. It was so much fun just hanging out over desserts and cocktails. Everything was super delicious and exactly what I needed to turn the day around.

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