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Stress Eating

I am very happy to say that I have been handling the new culture, distance from home, and all of the assignments really well so far no this trip. At least I was, until today. You have to have some bad days in order to appreciate the good ones, right?


Today started out great. My friends and I went to our favorite bakery and I ordered a beignet in French all by myself. We then went on a tour of the Opera House which was stunning. Then I did a mini ballet photo shoot with one of my friends in the Opera which was a ton of fun.


LunchWe grabbed lunch at a sandwich shop on our way to the metro station and I was doing great. I ordered in French and didn’t get any questions or weird looks. My sandwich was great. I tried a new dessert, chocolate and banana tartelette, and it was fantastic. I was feeling good.

Then the stress kicked in. I had received feedback on part of the research paper we are writing for the class and it felt like the world was collapsing.  All of the stress that I had been avoiding these past 15 days hit me like a brick. Not going to lie, I had about a 4 hour panic attack both in and out of the dorm. Even running around the city for another assignment with my friends didn’t help.


I decided to skip a normal dinner and go for some quite time back in the room. I felt disgusting both physically and mentally. After a shower, the outside grossness went away but the inside yuck was still there. After multiple calls home and some help from my amazing roommate, I am now feeling only slightly gross which is better than flat out disgusting mentally. After getting some stuff done, I meandered down to the vending machines and grabbed a coffee and a chocolate covered waffle. Coffee and chocolate make the world better, right?

Today’s Mental Health Lesson

The most amazing people ever
Surround yourself with some kick butt people, like these ones, and the bad days are a little brighter!

Like I said at the beginning of this post, you have to have some bad days to fully appreciate the good ones. Not everyday can be the best day ever. I’m sure I will still feel some mental soreness tomorrow. But you know what? That is okay and part of being human. I will just take the time I need and get back up to my normal and kick this paper’s booty like I normally do!

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