Storing Score Sheets and Ribbons

If you are like me, you keep every ribbon and score sheet from every show. You will need the score sheets for any year end awards or championship. Ribbons just nice to keep around as a reminder of your past adventures and success.

Score Sheets

Being able to easily find your score sheets down the road will have you time and headaches. Being able to look at them during the show season will also help you compare scores. There are two popular ways to store your score sheets.

The Accordion Folder

An accordion folder is a great way to short your score sheets if you are planning on keeping several years worth or are competing in multiple levels and disciplines. I got a backpack version for easy access in my show bag.

I used a label maker to make a key on the front as to which section is what. This also helps for submissions. If you need to submit score by levels, you can go straight to that section and pick the score you need from there.

The Binder or Display Book

If you need to memorize your tests from past tests, this would be the best option. If you are going to use a binder, you will need paper sleeves. A display book is like a binder with only paper sleeves in them. You can also put any paperwork you need like Coggins, the shows day sheets, grounds map, etc.


Here are some examples of how to display your ribbons:


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