The Fit Equestrian's Outfit

Steal Their Style: The Fit Equestrian

We all want to look Instagram ready but sometimes (okay most of the time) our favorite accounts outfit is outside of the budget. First world problems, right? In this series, I will be breaking down some of Instagrams favorite riding outfits and showing you how to get the look for less!

This Week’s Look:

The Fit Equestrian's Outfit
Photo by The Fit Equestrian

The Original

Its a spot tee
Picture by The Fit Equestrian


The Shirt

The Fit Equestrian’s “Trust me, it’s a sport” tee

Price: $29 (which is a good price if you ask me)




Tailored Sportsman Breeches
Picture by Smartpak


The Breeches

Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter – Front Zip

Price: $189.95 (from Smartpak)



17 hands equestrian spur belt
Picture by 17 Hands Equestrian


The Belt

17 Hands Equestrian Rose Gold Spur Belt

Price: $160


Outfit Total Price: $378.95

Breech Body

The Shirt

The Geek Equestrian Breech Body T-shirt

Price: $22

(Also available in other styles and colors ;))


Picture by Buckwild Breeches



The Breeches

Buckwild Breeches Navy and Brown Knee Patch Breech

Price: $119 (use the link for 15% off $100)



Marble C4 Belt
Picture by C4 Belts

The Belt

C4 Belts Marble Belt with the Rose Gold buckle

Price: $39

It’s not an exact match but it gives you the same high fashion look and you can pair it with the rose gold buckle to match the original.

Outfit Total Price: $180 ($189 in savings!)

Isn’t it crazy how you can get such a similar look for half the price? All of the pictures (except for the Buckwild Breeches) are links so have fun shopping!

None of these pictures are mine and all credit goes to their owners. No copyright infringement is intended. If you own one of the pictures used and would like it to be removed, please email hannah @ This post is in no way sponsored by any companies mentioned. The author is an ambassador for Buckwild Breeches and C4 Belts. The products in the outfit version 2.0 were the best deals I could find while maintaining a high quality.

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