Steal Their Style: Britt Sabbah

We all want to look Instagram ready but sometimes (okay most of the time) our favorite accounts outfit is outside of the budget. First world problems, right? In this series, I will be breaking down some of Instagrams favorite riding outfits and showing you how to get the look for less!

This week’s look:

Britt and Louie posing
Photo by Britt Sabbah

The Original

Pony app logo sweatshirt
Picture by The Pony App


The Shirt

The Pony App Logo Sweatshirt – the best deal if you want your horse’s avatar on the back

Price: $45



17 hands equestrian spur belt tan
Picture by 17 Hands Equestrian


The Belt

17 Hands Equestrian Spur Belt

Price $160


Noel Asmar midnight navy knee patch breech
Picture by Noel Asmar


The Breeches

Noel Asmar Classic Women’s Breech

Price: $240



Outfit Total Price: $435

Outfit 2.0

Old Navy Sweatshirt
Picture by Old Navy


The Shirt

Old Navy Relaxed French Terry Sweatshirt for Women

Price: $25



Khaki c4 belt with rose gold buckle
Picture by C4 Belts


The Belt

Khaki C4 Belt with Rose Gold Buckle (if you wanted a closer color match you could use the gold buckle, I personally didn’t think it looked too good)

Price: $34

Smartpak piper knee patch breeches
Picture by Smartpak


The Breeches

Smartpak Piper Knee Patch Breeches

Price: $80



Outfit Total Price: $139 ($296 in savings)

A very similar look for almost $300 less? Yes, please! Each picture is a link, so you can click it and go straight to a store’s page. Happy shopping and saving!

None of these pictures are mine and all credit goes to their owners. No copyright infringement is intended. If you own one of the pictures used and would like it to be removed, please email hannah @ This post is in no way sponsored by any companies mentioned. The author is an ambassador for C4 Belts. The products in the outfit version 2.0 were the best deals I could find while maintaining a high quality.

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