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Small Business Highlight: East Coast Equestrian and The Braided Mane

Small businesses are something special for a couple reasons. When you shop small you are supporting someone’s dream and lifestyle instead of throwing your money into a large cooperations money ocean. There’s a popular saying that goes like this: “When you shop small an actual person does a happy dance.” This perfectly portrays why you should shop small whenever possible. A real person has poured over the products they make and get so happy when they see it being bought. Today I am going to highlight two small business that I found out about a while back and absolutely have fallen in love with.

The East Coast Equestrian

The East Coast Equestrian has amazing products that help them live out their even more amazing mission. #ecerebles is all about sharing a powerful message that “we are stronger in numbers, setbacks do not equate to failure, victories come in all different sizes and timeframes and your story is worthy of being told.” 10% of each month’s sales are donated to a different charity in need.

Their products are high quality and some of the best products I have ever seen. You can purchase everything from bags to saddle pads to clothes and truly share your sense of style no matter what it is. My favorite product that I have gotten is the saddle pad that says “suck it up buttercup” on one side. First off, the pad is super high quality and the patch is definitely there to stay. The phrase is a personal favorite of mine and some say its one of my mottos. I have also gotten the relaxed logo sweater and the carryall unicorn bag. Both are very high quality and the sweater is great for both riding and being cozy at home. (click here to go to their website.)

The Braided Mane

The Braided Mane is a great place to look for both normal and barn clothes as well as other horse needs while on a budget. They offer a ton of products all at low prices without sacrificing quality. On top of normal clothes such as shirts and sweatshirts, they also have a crochet corner full of things to keep us riders in the colder areas nice and warm at the barn.

I was super surprised when I received their logo v neck t-shirt in the mail. I have broad shoulders which makes it super hard to find shirts that fit well in the shoulders without them being too big elsewhere. When I tried on the shirt, I found that it fit perfectly everywhere! It was super soft and lightweight which makes it perfect for warmer days out at the barn.

I also got a pair of their boot trees because I always have problems keeping my plastic ones inflated between the barn animals or the trees not holding air. The trees are the best things ever. I ordered the normal width even though I have a wide calf because of how my boots have shaped by my leg. They work perfect and are gorgeous. The pattern is super cute and the material is high quality for them only being $6. Another bonus, they are machine washable! (click here to go to their website.)

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