The Geek Equestrian is proud to offer the following services as part of our brand.


Are you an equine, STEM or food based company? Are you looking to build credibility for a product or brand, review blogging is your key to success! The Geek Equestrian does not charge for reviews, instead, products are kept for publication feature. Each product or service will be featured on the blog in a post as well as shared on at least two social media channels. Contact us today for additional information on how to get started and get your brand associated for the long term with The Geek Equestrian!


Brand Ambassador

The foundation of our blog is our passion for horses and equestrian sports. We are very selective on which companies and brands we represent. We feel being a brand ambassador for your company reflects you and we don’t enter into this lightly. We want to share the passion for your brand, products, customers and horse lifestyle.

As a brand ambassador, we play an integral role in building your brand. We help reach hundreds to thousands of people through Social Media initiatives, representation at Equine Events and other various methods of interaction.

For a detailed outline of our Social Media & Community Outreach Ambassador Responsibilities & Expectations Proposal, email me at hannah (at) thegeekequestrian (dot) com.

The Geek Equestrian is currently a Brand Ambassador for:

BWB Logo
Buckwild Breeches

C4 EQ Logo
C4 Belts Equestrian

Bays and Blues Co.

A7 Forge Farrier Service
A7 Forge Farrier Service

Majyk Equipe Logo
Majyk Equipe

The Braided Mane Logo
The Braided Mane