Say It and Spray It

Horses get scrapes and scratches all the time. It could be from another horse or from sticking their leg through a fence. Making sure that bacteria stays out is very important. Nixall’s Vet Response and Horseco Heal Wound Care Hydrogel are my two go tos for helping my horse heal.


Both products are easy to use on minor cuts, scratches, bug bites, rubs, and hot spots. I always clean the area if possible by brushing or cold hosing. Then I saturate the area with either spray several times a day. If you are going to use a dressing, soak it in either product and apply fresh several times a day.


Nixall’s Vet Response comes in several sizes. 2, 8, and 16-ounce individual bottles, as well as Quart sprayers, are available in single or double packs. I use Nixal for small and shallow cuts and scrapes that haven’t bled. Nixall is one of the cheapest bacterial sprays I have seen on the market, as well.

Obtaining the spray is the only downside to this product. You have to order it from their website as tack store and other supply stores don’t carry it.


Horseco is a newer brand but is making a name for itself especially at racetracks. It is a fantastic all around spray that I use for major cuts and skin care needs. This kind of quality though comes at a higher price. You can order the spray in single or six packs and in 3.4 ounces or 12 ounces If you buy the 6 packs it is a little cheaper.

Right now, you can only order this product through their website. The company is expanding so purchasing should become easier in the near future.

Click here to find out more about Nixall’s Animal Wellness products.  To find out more about Horseco and their health products, click here.

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