Savory Spaghetti

January 4th is national spaghetti day! To celebrate, I went down to The Spaghetti Warehouse with my family for some of the best Italian food and pasta I have ever had.

Frist off, let’s talk about the actual restaurant building itself. Every Spaghetti Warehouse in a refurbished old warehouse. The dining rooms are decorated in a tasteful b and classic old and eclectic style. There is also an old trolly car in the majority of the larger sized restaurants that is very fun to eat in with a smaller party. The cars can be tight to navigate but is a unique experience that I recommend you to do at least once.

The food is so delicious and filling that you will wish you had a bigger stomach. I ordered the spaghetti and meatballs but was able to try the 15 layer lasagna and the chicken parmesan. Each dish was perfectly cooked which is sometimes hard with Italian food. The meatballs weren’t dense but light and melted in your mouth. The pasta wasn’t overcooked but was perfect prepared. The sauces paired nicely with everything and weren’t overpowering. By the end of the meal, I was so full that I thought I would have to be rolled out the building. I would definitely recommend wearing your Thanksgiving pants.

Our waiter was fantastic. She was super kind and very knowledgeable about all the food. If we asked her a question she could answer quickly and explain anything to you in easy terms without talking down to us. Every other staff member we came in contact with were also this way. They were very kind and friendly.

To celebrate national spaghetti day, The Spaghetti Warehouse is having $6 spaghetti and alfredo. This offer is also available every Wednesday. For more information, find a store near you, or to see the menu check out the Spaghetti Warehouse’s website here.

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