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Riding Other People’s Horses

If you have your own and ride only one horse, you tend to develop a certain riding style built around that one horse. While it may work for that one horse very well, it may work for only that one horse. Riding other people’s horses or lessons horses is a great idea for all equestrians and should be done as much as possible.

Here is one situation that you may find yourself in sometime in the future. Let’s say that you ride at a barn with a girl name Susan and you two ride together all the time. Well, Susan decides that see needs a vacation but wants her horse to be ridden while she is gone. She could ask your trainer to ride while she is gone. But, your trainer has a full lesson program and may not be able to fit Susan’s horse in. She asks if she could pay you to ride her horse while she is gone.

Sounds easy right? What if her horse is the complete opposite of yours? Susan could watch you ride her horse and decides to ask someone else to ride. Or you could have an accident and someone gets hurt. If you have a riding style that works on more than one type of horse, you wouldn’t have to worry about it and take the job.

Riding is all about being able to properly ride and adapt to the horse you are currently on. Even if you ride only one horse, they can change from day to day.

If you have a slow poke, ride a hot horse every now and then. If your horse is bad at dressage, ride a horse that isn’t so you can work on you then go back and fix your horse. Riding other horses may help you learn something that improves your ride on your own horse. Why do you think most lesson programs change the horse you ride every week? They want you to learn different skills on the schoolmasters of that area.

Riding different horses will also help you measure where your riding ability really is. Sometimes our horses are too good for our own good. Other horses can show us what we need to improve on or what we are good at no matter what. You may learn something about yourself you wouldn’t have known otherwise.

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