Riding Fitness Accounts You Have to Follow

We hear it over and over and over. Riding is a sport, you are an athlete, you need to workout outside of riding to be in peak riding condition. These are all true but the last one seems to be ignored by most of the riding population.

I admit, until recently, my rides were my workouts. I sometimes planked or did push ups at home but it wasn’t often and not enough. I could tell tell that I wasn’t riding fit and part of me hated myself for letting the rest of me ignore it.

The biggest issues for equestrians, I think, when it comes to working out is time and lack of knowledge. Sure you can join a gym but what do you do if and when you find the time to show up? There are apps that give you basic workouts like Nike Training and 7M Workout that can help you get started and gain some basic knowledge. But this isn’t what this post is about. We are here to talk about social media accounts you gotta follow to up your riding fitness out of the saddle.

Jumping Into Fitness

Jumping into Fitness (@jumpingintofitness) with Haley is such a cool account. Haley is such a motivate bada** woman who does workouts in her camper! Her camper, ladies! She regularly posts workouts you can do at home and with limited time and space. She is also a great account to follow if you need some motivation and someone how understands your fitness struggles. I love following Haley because she posts about her struggles and her sweaty after workout pictures that are sometimes lacking from other accounts.

BC Equestrian Fitness

BC Equestrian Fitness (@bc_equestrian_fitness) is a good account to follow if you are looking for weight training workout. There are the occasional body weight workouts so scroll through some of her past posts if that’s what you’re looking for. BCEF also has guides you can buy on their website if you want more structure and consistency.

The Fit Equestrian

The Fit Equestrian (@the fit.equestrian) is an account that I have truly loved watching it grow and become much more than a fitness account. If you scroll to some of the earlier posts, you can find a some very good body weight and weighted excersises or you can purchase one of their really inexpensive guides from their store. I wanted to included TFE because of their free guides. They are amazing and really help if you use them to their full extent.

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