Plastic Ponies…..What?!?!

Collections, collections, collections….what do we think of when we think of the word “collection”?  Are we talking collection through riding?  Nah we are talking about collecting something that is meaningful to us.  So what does this have to do with horses you ask?  It has to do with collecting plastic ponies!!!

What the heck are plastic ponies?  Plastic ponies come in all shapes and forms and can be bought in a variety of brands.  Some of the most popular brands are My Little Pony, Breyer, Peter Stone, Copperfox, etc.  My personal favorite is Breyer due to the creativity and beauty of their products.  Also I have a collection of close to 300, which I know, is completely CrAzY!!  I can’t help myself when it comes to finding something I love and that I can collect.  I also have collections of all the other brands……just not as big lol.  People hear what I collect and have that question of why written all over their face, which brings us to the next question:  why do you collect them and what do you do with them?

I’m so glad you asked!!  I collect them to have one or more of every breed that is out there to be had.  Did you know that almost every breed that exists has been made at least once?  Who knew?  I also collect them to have a fun and exciting hobby.  Some people that collect them just sit them on the shelves to look pretty….guilty…..but did you know that you can take them to model horse shows, customize them and trade them to get others that you want?  That’s right you can do so much more of them like you can real horses.  Models are also the equivalence of real horses if you don’t have a real one in your life, which is another reason why I started collecting them at a young age.

What kinds of things do you collect? Is it something like these plastic ponies that go along with your passion or is it something that you are passionate about that you only have a few things of?

Now for some fun facts:

-If you want to get into collecting plastic ponies visit this website:

-Want some customizing hints: visit the sites of famous customizers (google search)

-Explore Breyerfest where you can find numerous new plastic ponies for your collection

-Want to know more about the hobby and want to see other peoples collections visit YouTube

*If you just want to know more don’t be afraid to ask!!!


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