Piper Computer

Piper Computer Kit

It seems like this time of the summer is when people start to run out of things to do. Parents have done everything with their kids way too many times to count, students are starting to get ready for school, and friends have gone just about everywhere they can together. Why not take this chance and get a head start on the school year or at least spend a couple hours building and playing with something new?

The Piper computer kit is a great way to learn the inner workings of a basic computer as well as show kids how to build an easy structure. I grew up going to the hardware store every other Saturday and making kits for anything from a toy car to a ladybug catcher. I personally love building things and think every person should learn how to use basic tools. This knowledge combined with an understanding of computer parts and functions is a huge advantage for anyone especially with the new emphasis on S.T.E.M.

The Building Process

It took me about an hour and a half from start to finish with me taking my time and having to redo a couple pieces. It is very  important to pay attention to the way everything is positions because I could have saved a lot of time and effort if I did. Everything you need to build the kit is included and labeled very well. The instructions come in the form of one big page with multiple detail pictures that I found very easy to follow. While you are building the kit, I suggest you charge the battery. The cable you need is the smallest one out of the three. Put the USB into a wall charger or computer and the other side into the battery pack. The light will stop flashing when it is done charging.

Play Time

Piper is programmed with several games called missions that many thought resembled Minecraft. The mission are pretty straight forward and should keep the player pretty entertained for a bit. The display is full color and has an amazing picture.

The piper computer kit is advertised for children ages 8-12 but I did have fun building it. I wouldn’t recommend the kit for anyone younger than 6 as there are a lot of parts, many of which are small, and it may become too difficult for them to do it on their own (something I highly recommend).

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