The Golden Room

Palais Garnier

The Palais Garnier is home of the National Academy of Music. It holds 9-10 rehearsal rooms as well as endless wonders for your eye to take in. Today, my friends and I went back to the Palais Garnier to take a tour and soak in everything we didn’t see the first time around. I highly recommend doing a tour of any kind as just walking around or coming for a show will not show you nearly enough of the building.

Our Tour

We did a guided tour for about an hour and a half before walking around for a mini photo shoot. Our tour guide was able to impart tons of knowledge in such a short time- some was helpful, some was confusing- and took us around to parts of the building we couldn’t get to when we came for the ballet. I was just as stunned with the interiors beauty as I was the first time around. With our tour guides help, I noticed more small details that I would have completely missed without her help.

The Crowd

We were there for about two hours from 11 am to around 1 pm. We did see a good number of people while there but it wasn’t an uncomfortable amount. There is also so many different ways to get to one place that you shouldn’t have an issue getting around no matter how many people there are. The crowd itself was made up of people from all over which was fun to experience.

Some Tips for Your Visit

After your tour, you can walk around for as long as you like. I would highly recommend doing so! There is always a new staircase to take or another hallway to go down. Also, take your time to walk around the outside. There is a ton to see along the perimeter of the building to see.

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