Our Last Day

Sadly, today was our last day with our program.  I have had such an amazing time on this study abroad and truly will not be coming home as the same person as I have left. During this trip, I have grown more confident in myself and in my abilities since coming over to Paris and I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am going to do a little bit of a different blog post today as we ate in the dorms so we could get ready to move out tomorrow.

The Highlights of the Trip

Yesterday was by far my favorite day of this entire trip. Not only was it exactly what I needed mentally but also I needed it because it opened my eyes to a whole new world. Growing up, I always thought of art and science as two totally different worlds that didn’t mix. A scientist could enjoy art as a hobby but they could never do both art and science at the same time. Same with an artist. Yesterday, going to the immersive art experience really showed me how beautiful things can be when the two world combine. I really enjoyed walking around the exhibit and seeing people let themselves get lost in what they were seeing.

The Low Points

The lowest point for me was probably when I got sick. I just really wanted the trip to be over and to go home. But you know what, it was just one bad day. I was talking to several other people form my group and guess what. They all had a day like that too. It’s normal to have bad days. Especially when you are away from home, in a new environment, and have a pretty intense schedule. While it was a rough patch, it was also a good learning point for me. I know now a little bit more about how my body responds to certain stimuli and how to make those rough patches better.

The Take Aways

I will never forget my time in Paris for many reasons. I have learned so much about the the city and its history as well as the beautiful things in it. Paris was breathtaking no matter where you were or where you looked. I have had the amazing opportunity to meet two fabulous professors who made this trip everything I hoped for and more. All of the new things I have tried and people I have meet have helped me grow more confident in myself in every aspect.

I can’t wait to go home and see my dog again and sleep in my own bed. However, I will miss Paris and all that it holds. But I will always have Paris and it will always be there for me to come back.

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