Never Abandon Your Inner Child

We have to grow old. That, unfortunately, is unavoidable. Most of us grow up too and say goodbye to the little kids we once were. We abandon the constant curiosity and need for fun in order to get a good job and make the money we need. This is a huge problem.

By abandoning our inner child we loose a piece of ourselves that is needed more when we are older than when we were little. I saw a quote not to long ago that said that children operate on genius level and it’s adults that need to catch up. Here are some reasons that we should never abandon our inner child.

Asking the Important Questions

Anyone who has been around children for any amount of time knows that they are full of endless questions. So why aren’t adults? Why don’t adults want to know why the sky is blue or what the weirdest bug looks like? As children, we don’t have the means to find the answers to the questions we are dying to know the answers to. As adults we do. Why aren’t we figuring it out.

Curiosity and Creavity is Dying

Only focusing only the big questions is great and all if we are just fosucing on becoming efficient and advanced. But do we really need to have the best of the best if it means we loose our sense of curiosity and fun? Curiosity is dying as we only focus on adult level, no fun questions.

Yes, we need a cure for cancer and to stop global warming. We need to end world hunger and homelessness. I believe though that we are trying to fix these problems with a tool missing form our tool box. Creavity stems from curiosity. With curiosity dying out creavity is at risk as well. Trying to do the same thing, that hasn’t Work in the past, over and over again while hoping for different results is the definition of insanity. We are going insane trying to fix our problems in the same broken way because we can’t or won’t try anything else. We need creavite solutions and the ability to let our curiosity take the reins.

Stay Curious, Save the World

Yeah okay, maybe that phrase is a little much. But it gets the point across. We need to keep our curiosity alive in order for creavity to stay strong. So look up that “silly question” and find the answer to your child’s wildest inquiry. Figure out a solution to that problem in a way that hasn’t been done before but is still effective and efficient. Never abandon your inner child and let your curiosity and creavity be capped. Stay curious and be creavity.

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