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Navigating the Food of Paris

We started our day off with a brief overview of the day and a lesson on how to use our map book at 9 am. My roommate and I though, wanted to go out for breakfast before class so we decided to walk around starting at 8:15 to see what we could find. I am so glad we did because we passed 2 other people from our trip and they told us about a gold mine of a cafe that is about 5 minutes from the dorm.


Boulangerie Artisanale was established in 1892 and once you eat or drink anything from there you will understand how they have stayed in business that long.
Croissant I ordered a croissant because our professors suggested a light breakfast. It was so light and airy it was like eating a cloud made out of carbs. It was also super inexpensive as it only costed 1 euro. The lady that works there was also super friendly which surprising as we were there pretty early (can you tell I am not a morning person).  My roommate had ordered a cafe creme with her croissant and talked about how good it was for a solid 5 minutes. Everything else looked so good that I can’t wait to go back there every morning.


We got our metro and RER tickets and then head to the Arc de Triumph and the Champs-Elyees for the morning. We worked up quite the appetite by walking up to the top of the Arc (about 285 steps). It was a beautiful view from the top as you could see all of Paris.  Not only a great view, but a great way to make sure you get a good work out. 

Sandwich and chocolate eclairWe found a sandwich shop on the Champs-Elysees for lunch where we were able to get a sandwich (about the size of you hand and forearm), a dessert, and a drink for around 9 euro. I got a water, and ham sandwich, and a chocolate eclair. The sandwich was super filling and delicious and the eclair was amazing. Service was relatively fast as they were super busy but I found that after the person behind the counter thought you were done, it was hard to try to get their attention again.



Since lunch was a little on the heavier side and we had about 2 hours to get dinner before going to the piano concert, we decided to split something between the four people in our group near the church where the concert was being held. We ended up at L’elica and split two cheese trays. I wanted to try a white wine and went with Chardonnay.



Cheese Plate and WineThe cheeses on the tray were Blue, Parmesan, Brie, Goat, and a peppered one that we couldn’t quite figure out exactly what it was. There was also an apricot jam in the center of the tray, that you could spread on the bread which accompanied the cheese tray.  I loved the Brie, Goat, and Parmesan cheeses. Blue cheese is not my favorite thing in the world so I stayed away from that one and the peppered cheese was good but not something I would order by itself. I found the wine to be a lot like sparkling apple cider and rather strong. Personally, I would not order it again but was glad that I tried it.



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