Hot Chocolate

Montmartre and the 300 stairs

Today we ventured to the outer edge of Paris today to explore Montmontre! We had discussed the hill and its history yesterday so we headed straight there to start our morning around 10 am. It was nice to be able to sleep in after all of the walking we did yesterday.


Croissant Surprise surprise, we went to our favorite bakery again this morning for another croissant. I was super happy to be able to fully order in French as well as understand and answer a follow up question! I know it seems like a small thing. However it was something I had been working towards since we arrived so it was a huge accomplishment for me.




Hot Chocolate La tradition crepeAfter walking to the top of Sacre Coeur (doing all of the 300 steps to get there and more to get down) we took a quick tour of the Museum of Montmarte to understand more of the artistic history of the area. We made our way down to the city square and were free to do as we wished for lunch. I ended up in a small cafe around the back of the square and grabbed a lighter lunch before heading back to the center of the city. I ordered a hot chocolate with Chantilly cream as well as a la tradition crepe. The crepe was savory with ham and eggs and was topped with garlic. This was my first time having a savory crepe and unfortunately, I wasn’t too impressed. Let me start by saying that the hot chocolate was amazing. As soon as I finished it, I missed it. The crepe left some room for improvement as there wasn’t a ton of flavor in it but it was still filling.

Snack Time

On our way back from Montmarte, we stopped at a gelato stand outside of the Jardin du Luxembourg. I ordered a strawberry sorbet all in French! One day and two times ordering in French, oh my goodness! The stand was worked by the nicest older woman who was having a ton of fun serving everyone. The sorbet was delicious and satisfied my sweet tooth.


Dorm dinnerWhile we were walking around the Champs-Elysees yesterday, we had decided that it would really be nice to have a mini spa day back at the dorms since we had been walking and sweating so much. We grabbed a baguette from our favorite bakery and some turkey, cheese, and grapes from a small grocery store near by. The last thing we got was a bottle of Rose from another small convenience store by our dorm. Things were going great until we realized we didn’t by a cork. 45 minutes later, we got the cork to go into the bottle and continued the relaxing night realizing only one of us liked that kind of wine. However, the sandwiches, grapes, and DIY spa treatments were amazing and just what we needed.

Food Lesson of the Day

I know I haven’t been super consistent in doing these food lessons because I feel like most days they are the same. Slow down, enjoy your food, and enjoy your friends. Well today, we learned something new. Don’t forget to buy a corkscrew when buying a bottle of wine! And when you realize you don’t have that much needed tool, don’t turn to Google for help. Those tips will only leave you will a torn up cork and no wine. Just go buy the corkscrew for your own sanity.

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