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Mary Poppins Returns

This past Wednesday, the great Mary Poppins returned to the big screen. Child and adults alike flocked to see the iconic nanny set out on her newest adventure. The film certainly did not disappoint either viewing groups in any way.

The New Mary Poppins

I will admit, I was a little hesitant about someone new playing Mary Poppins. She is such a unique and special character that someone equally as unique and special would have to play her. And to add on the pressure, Julie Andrews was a brilliant first Mary Poppins whose shoes would be hard to fill. Emily Blunt stepped up to the challenge in every way and picked up right were Julie Andrews left off. She played Mary Poppins with such grace and brilliance that I can’t imagine anyone else in her role.

The Costumes and CGI

Costumes are a super important piece when it comes to selling any story. The costumes fit each character’s personality perfectly and truly did help the story come to life. They also stayed true to the first movies style and feel which was appreciated by the older viewers in the crowd.

The engineering part of me is always looking at the CGI and other tech additions to any movie I watch. To be honest, I would marry the CGI if it were a person, lol. It was so beautiful and hard to tell it wasn’t real. The mix of real life and computer generated tricked the eye in the most pleasing way.

Adding onto a Classic

While I have seen the original Mary Poppins numerous times, I wouldn’t say I am a die hard fan. The rest of my family, however, definitely are huge fans of the original. All of us loved how this movie added onto the first without overshadowing it. You could see and understand the newest film without seeing the original. You could also appreciate the subtle similarities between the two if you are a hard core fan of the original.

Overall, I absolutely loved Mary Poppins Returns and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. The story melded perfectly with the original and was told in a beautiful way.

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