Make Your Own Olympics

Riding at the top of the sport is the goal of most riders at some point. They want to ride at all the big events like the Olympics, WEG, and every 4 star (or is it 5 star now?) event out there. But what if the top just isn’t for you? Well, then make your own Olympics!

Deciding to Stay Low(er)

I used want to become the next top rider. I wanted to travel the world and ride at the biggest events out there. Then reality and my sense of self-preservation kicked in. I found myself saying, you know I would be okay just making it to the 3 star level. Then it was the 2 star and finally the 1 star. You know what? I’m fine with that. Deciding to set my top at a lower level than others is totally fine with me. Riders all have different comfort levels and realities.

Make An Olympics

Now how does one make their own Olympics? The Olympics have people from all over compete at some scenic destination for the top spot on the podium. That may be difficult for someone to replicate physically. How about mentally and emotionally?

Let me ask you a question. What is the difference between the Olympics and that long format event you want to qualify for?¬†Athletes that compete in the top events train¬† and work toward that level for years and years. They qualify and compete against the best in the country for a spot on the team. You also need to qualify and work your behind off for that long format event. So the height may be different and you’re not fighting for a spot on a small team. So what? Make it a big deal when you qualify and enter into that long format event. You earned it!

Kick Butt at Any Level

We can get so caught up in what level we are riding that we miss something huge. We ride around on huge animals, doing things that most people couldn’t dream about. That’s pretty epic. So what if you are only going around Novice Level while someone else is going around Advanced? You both are kicking butt and doing mind blowing things.

Make your own Olympics and don’t worry about what level it may be at. Riding is tough no matter the level and anything you accomplish is better than nothing. Set your goal and work your butt off until you get there. You got this!


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