Audrey Fema, Dressage

Majestic Featured Rider: Audrey Fema

What is your name and barn you are currently riding at?

My name is Audrey Femia and I currently ride at Majestic Farm in Batavia, OH.

Tell a little bit about you and your horse.

I started riding when I was about 8 years old, while I was living in the Netherlands with my family. I instantly loved it and have been riding ever since. Now I’m twelve years old and I’m riding a Dutch Warmblood named Legatto. He’s very sweet and always happy to see me. I’ve only been riding him for a few months, but we have a great connection.

What are your goals as an equestrian? (Can be short term, long term, or both)

My goals as an equestrian are to keep learning and improve my riding. I started competing at level three and I’m eager to learn more skills so I can eventually move on to level four. I know this is my passion, and I want to continue riding for the rest of my life.

How are you working towards those goals?

I ride twice a week and during every lesson, my trainer, Barb McCarthy, helps me to improve my riding. In my riding, I am constantly challenged and always learning. I never imagined at 12 years old I would be doing the things Barb has taught me.

Who is your riding role model? Who is it and why?

My role model is Brandon Duijndam from The Netherlands. Brandon is a top level dressage rider in The Netherlands. He was my first trainer and taught me dressage and jumping. Brandon always believed in me and pushed me to do my best. He also taught me a little Dutch!

Biggest success or funniest fail?

My biggest success was getting first place in my first, level three competition. The competition was my first time competing on Legatto and at Majestic Farm.

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