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If you have your horses in an intensive workout they may become tight or stiff.  With this tightness or stiffness comes grouchiness because there is some pain that just can’t be relieved.  This pain may lead to tough rides because they are not comfortable.  I have tried quite a few different things on my horse to relieve the pain but nothing seemed to be helping and my horse was unhappy.  I was beginning to give up hope until one day I learned about the “magic” of Magna wave!!

What is Magna Wave?

Magna wave is a non-painful therapy that is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency (sometimes called PEMF) delivered through a tube/coil that helps with the flow of blood oxygen in the horse’s body.  The tube/coil is used to pinpoint certain areas such as acupuncture points, the lymphatic system, and blood flow itself (can help increase circulation).  Its main use is to oxygenate the blood to help prevent inflammation and soreness in the horse’s body.  It helps relieve pain and helps their body begin to heal to make them happy and healthy.

Some of the benefits of Magna Wave:

  • Relieve muscle soreness and pain
  • Treat arthritic conditions
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce inflammation


After the Magna Wave treatment, you want to make sure you keep your horse comfortable the days after and before the next treatment to get maximum results.  Some of the ways you can do this are using muscle relaxing ointments, giving daily massages, using heating pads before rides and using ice boots after rides to keep down any inflammation.  The treatment is really helpful and these extra maintenance steps help you get the most out of the treatment.

I have used Magna Wave twice on my horse and the difference in his performance is amazing!  He is much more comfortable and is happy with working during our training sessions.  Some of the biggest differences I have noticed are happier forward movements, nicer gaits, no ear pinning and less fussiness when tacking up and grooming.  Before we had the treatment done I could hardly get any forward movement and experienced some bucking.

Guess what? This isn’t only for horses! You can benefit from it too!  Be sure to ask your Magna wave specialist about the benefits of it for yourself if you are also experiencing tightness and want relief.  This is a fantastic treatment designed for horses and their riders.

Magna Wave

This post is in no way sponsored by Magna Wave or any of their practitioners. Our intention is only to spread the word about this treatment type so that it may help others in similar situations.

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