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What I Learned From My First Year of College Classes

Let me start my saying this: I am not a full-time college student, yet. I am a High School senior who is taking college classes instead of some of my high school classes. This past year I took a total of 8 college class (4 fall, 3 spring, and 1 summer) in addition to 1 high school class. This coming school year, I am taking all college class and here is what I am keeping in mind as I prepare for them.

Time Managment

This is a given and common knowledge but easily overlooked. Most classes have a list of homework you need to get done before a deadline. That deadline could be at the end of the unit, chapter, or semester. Don’t wait until the last minute to start it! Get each assignment done as soon as possible after you go over that material in class. The topics will be easier to remember and the assignment will go quicker because you are wasting time looking answers up.

Take Good Notes

My math teacher would go over a problem in class and then give us a quiz using that same problem during the next class. Then, she asked us to make any needed corrections using our notes. Lesson: take good notes or you will pay the consequences at least once and your teacher will notice. Good notes also help you remember and study the material easier. Organized notes will help you when you need to look something up. I made a table of contents in the front of my notebooks and number the pages as I went. When we started a new unit I put a tab on that page so I could skip to that unit quicker. Make a system and stick to it.

Know Your Limits

You can only take so many class, pull so many all nighters, and go to so many parties. If your body is telling you enough is enough, LISTEN! You may need to have a lazy morning or take a mental health day and relax. Of course, do so only when needed because it is an easy way to get behind if done frequently. Take care of yourself and listen to your body. It’s okay to need to take a break or skip a party.

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