Late to Bed, Early to Rise

We were in for an early morning and late night as we started at 9 am at the Louvre and had Galileo until 11 pm. However, we were both there for a long and good time! We were able to see a lot of iconic places and pieces which made the long hours not as painful.


Because we knew we had an early morning, we stopped at a grocery store and picked up some yogurt we could eat on the way to the metro station. I got some strawberry yogurt which was very good and tasted fresher than the yogurt I am used to having which was really nice. Also, you don’t get asked any questions when you try to take metal spoons into the Louvre. Probably not something you were too concerned about but now you know.


SandwichWe headed back to dorms for some down time and an attempt at naps after a jam packed time at the Louvre. And when I say jam packed I mean that both about how busy we were and how busy the Louvre was. We stopped at Le Petit Jacques to pick up some sandwiches to take back with us. The employees were super friendly and let us sample some cheese, meats, and spreads. I decided on a sandwich with ham, lettuce, and cheese on it (a staple in my Paris diet apparently). The sandwich was lighter than normal but was good to snack on as I worked on some homework and got ready for the play.


Unfortunately, my roommate ended up getting sick towards the end of the evening so I was running late to the play and didn’t get a chance to grab dinner on the way as we had planned. However, there was an Häagen-Dazs across the street from the Comedie Francais so I ran in there and grabbed some raspberry sorbet to hold me over until after the performance. It was nice because I was craving something sweet so this definitely got the job done.

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