Beauty and the Beast poster

La Belle et la Bête

Oh my goodness! Last week I had the chance to see Beauty and the Beast and all I can say is wow! I have already made plans to watch it at least one more, which will probably turn into 10, time while it is still in theaters.

Beauty and the Beast has always been my favorite princess story Disney has made into a movie. Belle is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to, almost literally, stare life’s grossness in the face. Because of this, I will admit, I was a bit wary about the live version. That was until I saw the cast list and the first trailer.

Of course, once I saw Emma Waston as Belle for the first time, all my fear went away. Not only does Waston make the perfect Belle, but the rest of the casting is on point. Since I have seen all of the Harry Potter and the Hobbit series as well as Frozen, I wondered if my brain would see Belle, LeFou, and Gaston or Hermione, Olaf, and Bart. Every character played their roles so perfectly that I almost forgot that I had seen them on screen before.

If you aren’t so captivated by the cast themselves, the costumes and set will definitely do the trick. The costumes are not only beautiful pretty accurate when it comes to that time period’s fashion. I was so happy to see that iconic yellow dress come to life so perfectly! The sets are so well done to the point that you can’t tell what is real and what is computer animated. Good job Disney animators! *virtual high five*

Even though the big picture is the same in both the animated and live action movies, there are some noticeable differences. These differences though were very well thought out and had very good purposes. They answered the questions you may have had, or didn’t know you had.

Beauty and the Beast was brought to life in every way possible. The cast, costumes, sets and storyline helped to bring the classic to a whole new level while making a whole new one at the same time. You will definitely want to free up several weekends, or weeknights, to see this movie over and over again before it leaves theaters!

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