Is Our Reality Actually Reality?

We know there are certain wavelengths of light we cannot see and frequencies of sound we cannot hear, but what if we are missing other phenomenon that we don’t even know exist? Our reality has been shaped and reshaped as new waves of discoveries have been made. Today’s reality is not the same reality as in the 1900s.

The Social Construct

The idea of reality is simply a social concept that has been agreed upon by the masses. One example of a social concept that has the masses approval is the Roman alphabet. The Roman alphabet has no reason to be put into the order that it currently is. We later put these random symbols in places of meaning and associate them with a variety of things. Another example is the names of the colors. Colors also have no reason to be named the name they are. Orange could have easily been purple if the masses thought that orange should be purple.

Ignore the Unimportant

Human reality is the product of the masses putting labels on things and agreeing on those labels. Therefore, there are also parts of reality that the human race has chosen to ignore or label as unnatural or abnormal because it only happens to a small fraction of people. Our noses are always in our sight line but our brains have deemed them unnecessary to be seen all the time. However, it has decided that we don’t need to see our nose all the time so our brain has chosen to ignore it. Our brain may have decided to ignore bits of our reality because it has deemed it unimportant.

The possibility of both the masses and our brains ignoring parts of actual reality may mean that we are missing out on a lot. This has several implications for both idea creativity and diffusion.

The Consequences

Our limited view of reality has severely damped our ability to create and spread new ideas. In order for an idea to diffuse, it must agree with the mass’s view of reality. An example of an idea whose diffusion has been dampened due the masses seeing it as wrong is the sexual orientation spectrum. In the past, the idea of homosexuality did not align with most people’s idea of reality. This also shows that reality can change as homosexuals are accepted more now than they have been in the past.

The reality we experience is not true reality but the part that has been deemed necessary and normal by the masses since the beginning of time. Ideas and the diffusion of those ideas are severely limited due to the acceptance of only a small slice of reality. However, this slice of reality is constantly changing and slowly growing as the ‘normal’ changes.

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