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How to Stand Out In an Ambassador Search

In the equestrian world, things are expensive. Ambassadorships are one way to make it more affordable. Most offer a small discount and maybe a way to earn free stuff. If you are lucky, you are given a larger discount and an ambassador package with free goodies. But everyone wants to in on the ambassador life and some companies get hundreds of applicants. So how do you stand out?

Be active before the search

This is super important! (Sometimes, you find out about a company through their ambassador search and that’s okay most times.) The saying “out of sight, out of mind” is so true. Staying active = staying visible. One of my friends and I have a joke that she was my friend before I had ambassador codes and the same should be true about your relationship with a company. You should be there before they could give you a code.

Buy Their Stuff

How do you know you can represent them or they are truly the best out there if you haven’t even tried their stuff? Even if you only buy their cheapest product, you are still showing you are there for more than a freebie. You can see how good their customer service is, if the quality is really as good as they say they are, and you can say you are a customer of theirs. More than likely, just being able to say you have bought from them will give you major points.

If you are accepted to be an ambassador and you don’t already have some of their¬†product, please go buy some. I have watched some riders get kicked out of programs because they refused to fulfill their contract requirements until their freebies came. Most of the time, a normal order will be shipped out faster than an ambassador kit because the company may have waited to see how many people applied before ordering products for the kits. It wouldn’t be bad to use your code to make the purchase either. It shows that they made the right choice by choosing you.

Tag Them In Photos

If you have a picture of you using their product, tag them! They probably will check out your social media before they decided whether they like you or not. A lot of companies like to repost customer pictures and it’s even better if it’s one of their ambassador’s pictures. Plus some give you some kind of reward if they use your picture. If they know you have good pictures before they even choose you, chances are they will check out your profile for ones to use after you become an ambassador. This also helps you stay in front of the company through tag notifications!

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