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Horsie Halloween Costumes


Happy Halloween!!   It’s that time of year when we get to dress up our equine friends.  This can be for a show, costume contest or just for fun. Dressing up your horse can be fun and exciting but sometimes this can come as a difficulty especially if you’re just not sure what to do. This particular post is going to focus on helping you come up with some ideas for your costumes.

For the past two years now I have had an opportunity to dress up myself and my horse for our last two shows of the year.  The barn we show at always has a Halloween show where we can dress up and see who has the best costume.  Last year we went as pirates and this year we went as SuperHorse and Wonder Woman!!  The first year we received third place and this year we got honorable mention, which was cool.  Coming up with these ideas was not easy and took some research.

Online Research

Searching online is probably your best bet for looking up ideas because there are a ton of them out there.  It doesn’t matter where you look you are bound to come up with something even if you alter it to make it your own, which is what I ended up doing for Spartan’s part of the costume.  Some good places to look are google images, pinterest, and social media.


Colleagues are others with whom we may converse to get ideas.  We can ask the others we ride with or others whom we may be friends with from other barns what they recommend.  Sometimes these people have done ideas that you may want to try and you could even get some tips on how to execute them.  It’s always exciting to see what other people come up with.

Execution of the costume

Once you have an idea you have to think what the best way to execute it is.  What materials do you use and how do you put it all together?  Some of the things you can use to bring your costume to life are paints (my pirate costume was all painted on), sleazies, capes, blankets, polo wraps, etc.  If you think about it most of our costumes can be put together with the stuff we already own.  It just depends on what you come with and what you will need.

Halloween can be a lot of fun when it comes to our costumes if we can pick something we will enjoy doing.  It may be difficult to come up with at times but hang in there because there is something fun out there for everyone.  I hope the above was helpful and if you need any additional help please don’t hesitate to ask.

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