We all know the struggle of trying to find horse decore and accessories that aren’t super expensive and don’t look like they are meant for a five-year-old. It seems like store put the word horse in the product name and the price goes through the roof. Well, I have good news! HORSELY has amazing products at a price real horse people can afford. I received their Flowing Mane pillow cover and navy vintage women’s watch and was impressed with both pieces.

HORSELY has a ton of option for horse lovers of all ages. Shipping did take a while and each product came from a separate location. They do offer free shipping and returns worldwide which is always a plus.

Flowing Mane Watercolor Print Pillow  Cover

Horsely Pillow


Price: $16.99 USD
Material: Polyester peach skin fabric (very soft)
Quality: 10
Worth the Wait: Yes!
This pillow cover is stunning! It is super soft and very well made. The print on it looks exactly like the picture on the website did. I don’t feel like it will fall apart or the design will come off (it is a part of the fabric) after one wash. While it is beautiful, I am not afraid to use it. It’s stylish while still functional.

Women’s Stylish Vintage Watch

Horsely WatchPrice: $18.99 USD
Material: PU Leather strap with lining (pretty stiff)
Quality: 8
Worth the Wait: Yes
The only downside to this watch is that the strap is pretty stiff but it softens the more you wear it. The watch face is made out of a durable material but it is super lightweight. It is kind of thick and large so I had problems wearing it with my show coat and gloves and ended up taking it off. If your gloves velcro on the back of your hand, you should be fine. Overall, the watch looks like the pictures and the quality does match the price. This would be a good choice for a rider who wants a fashionable watch but doesn’t want to break the bank.

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