Wild Horses in the grass

Go Wild!

Zoos are an iconic part of many peoples childhood and the rest of their life. At the zoo, you go to different areas and look at the different animals in smaller enclosers behind some kind of barrier. At the Wilds, there are many different ways to see wild animals where they can come up and look at you!

Two weekends ago I was able to go on an open air safari at the Wilds! I was on one of the first buses which was great because the animals were super active and it wasn’t super hot yet. Our tour guide was hilarious and very knowledgeable about the animals, the Wilds itself and everything offered there.

Each safari is about two and a half hour with 2 stops along the way. The buses can have 30 people on them and have school bus seating. They do not have any window but do have a roof in case of rain. these tours go rain or shine so be sure to dress appropriately.

The animals at the Wilds can come up to the buses if they want and look at the people inside. Remember the Wilds is not a petting zoo and they have wild animals! Please remember to keep your body and any items you have with you out of reach of the animals!

On the safari, you will see animals like cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, two kinds of rhinos, and several endangered species. Of course, my favorites were the zebras and the Przewalski’s wild horses. The one animal that did catch my eye even more than my favorites was the Sichuan Takin. It looked like something out of a movie.

It is so easy to spend a day out at the Wilds with your family and friends. Between the different safaris, the horseback riding, ziplining, and several other adventures available, there is something for everyone! You can also stay on property in their Lodge or on Nomad Ridge.

For for information, check out the Wilds Website by clicking here.

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