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Go Buckwild and Be You

I have noticed something when it comes to equestrian appeal. especially breeches. Everything looks the same! Sure there are small differences here and there but really most breeches are pretty similar.

What if there was a clothing company that is different from the rest? One that helped you express your “outside the box” personality and style? Fear not! There is Buckwild Breeches that can help you be you when you are riding your noble steeds!

I love my Buckwild shirts and breeches. They are high quality, comfortable, and flattering.

Each piece of clothing allows you to show off your style as much, or as little as you want. If you want to be bright and stand out, they have bright red breeches with a giraffe full seat. But if you want to blend a little more, they have black breeches with a Damask style full seat and a navy breech with brown knee patches.

Of course, once you find a breech you like, you want to wear them everywhere. If you want a set of Buckwild show breeches they have that as well. They have a white breech with black silicone full seat or a tan hunter show breech.

The sizing is different than other companies. For any questions, see their product sizing page under the about tab. I am a curvier, short legged person and found myself between a medium and small. I found that the small fit better both the waist and legs.

Now, we have covered the bottom half of your stylish self, let’s talk about the top half.

Their shirts are amazing! They have v-necks, scoop necks, polos, and quart zips. The t-shirts have great sayings on them and I am constantly receiving compliments on my shirts. They are a little low cut but not to the point of them being revealing. If you want a looser fit, order a size up.

If you are tired of the normal, everyday breech go Buckwild and dare to be different! Here are some ROOTDs to give you some inspiration:

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