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Getting It All Done

Do you ever feel like you have piles and piles of things to do? Your piles could be literally piles of paperwork or it could be “piles” of horses to ride and lessons to teach or it could be a mixture of both. I know a while back I wrote about time management but since then I have learned a couple new things to use and understand when it comes to getting it all done.

Everything Costs Something

This is a huge concept in microeconomic classes but an even bigger one when it comes to prioritizing tasks. The concept that everything as a cost is pretty simple to understand. Basically, when you are doing something the cost is the opportunity to be doing something else. Let’s say you are doing X, well the cost of doing X is the opportunity to do A, B, or C.

Somethings are “worth” more than others. Working allows you to pay the bills, enter competitions, and have food to eat. This would have more worth than binge-watching Netflix. You also have to find the balance between higher worth activities and lower worth ones. You wouldn’t be able to ride if you were working 24/7 simply because its worth more. (That’s not even an option right!) Prioritize a healthy amount of high worth things but keep the low worth ones in there too. You have to have some fun every now and then!

Know Your Sleep Schedule

This may not be possible for everyone because of work, school, or other commitments, but it is a good thing to keep in mind. Knowing when you naturally fall asleep or fell tired enough to go to sleep will help you know when you should be working. If you are like me and like to fall asleep around 1 in the morning, you don’t want to schedule a class at 9 am the next day. If you like to fall asleep earlier and get up before the sun rises, don’t try to start working on things at 7 pm.

Also, know try to figure out why you want to sleep when you do. Maybe you don’t wake up feeling awake. This may mean you need to change when you sleep. Or do you stay up late when you are on your phone or computer? I found that I can fall asleep faster and better when I don’t have my phone within arms reach at night. Habits like this can make you more tired and less productive. Knowing when to sleep should increase productivity levels and help you get more done.

Understand You Can’t Get It All Done Sometimes

There have been times when it seems like I have tried to fit 4 weeks worth of stuff into 1 week because I wanted to be able to do something else. Of course, there are times when it feels like we could get a ton of stuff done in a small amount of time. You also need to realize, there are only so many hours in a day. Yes, it may look good on a resume. It may be nice to finish a week’s worth of homework on Monday. Yes, it may be nice to do school, ride your horse, work, and have a booming social life.

Your mental health is way more important! You need to put you first sometimes and understand that you can only do so much. Make yourself the highest worth activity out there. Make a list of everything that needs to be done and then ones you want to do for fun. Then make a schedule for the week or day. Put down the things that have to no matter what needs to be done. Then try to wiggle some fun things in there. Remeber to be realistic though. Put time down for driving, slow internet, bad weather, and other things you can’t control. Better to have free time at the end of the day then be rush and have a big problem.

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