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How to Get Riding Picture and Videos By Yourself

Eyes on the ground are a huge help when it comes to riding. Sometimes seeing is believing! But what happens when you are the only one around or don’t have anyone to watch you ride? There are multiple ways you can take videos and pictures of yourself while you are riding.

Your Phone

This works best if you have a stool, chair, or wall to prop your phone on and only want to take video. Placing your phone on or up against something so it films part of your ride is a great way to get videos with stuff you already have. I have propped my phone on a stool we use for mounting at shows as well as a cut out in the wall and have gotten good videos of a grid or a single jump. How much you get width wise all depends on location and angle you put your phone at.

If you want to get pictures, your best bet is taking screenshots from a video or hooking it up to something with Bluetooth (like a selfie stick) and using the button on that to take a picture. (I don’t know how far your phone can be from the stick itself to still pick up the signal but it is worth trying if you really want to take a picture from a distance.)

Go Pro with Remote

I love my Go Pro and taking helmet cams but they don’t show me what I look like fro the ground. I got a small tripod for about $20 and loved it. You will need a Bluetooth remote or a place to set the tripod that you can reach it to start and stop the video. (My tripod didn’t come with a screw to keep my Go Pro on the stand. If you have a helmet or any other attachments, you can borrow the screw from that.) The camera got a much wider picture that my phone has and the clarity is much better. Having the tripod gave me a lot more placement options but there are a variety of other attachments that you can choose whatever works for you.

You can also put your Go Pro on picture mode and use the remote to take it from a distance. I found my remote worked about 100 feet away which is a good distance considering that average size of an arena.

Being able to see what I feel has really helped my riding and remember the picture I am going for. No matter your budget or resources you can have “eyes” on the ground to help improve your rides!

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