Me and Cruiser

Georgetown Riding Academy

I have always wanted to learn how to drive a horse. The only problem was that I could never find a barn that offered lessons. Not too long ago, I stumbled across the Georgetown Riding Academy and knew I had to take a lesson there!

The Facility and Horses

The barns are beautiful and everything is amazingly clean that I almost forgot I was in a barn! Both the barn and the arena are super spacious and had a great breeze coming through them that I was super thankful. Even when I was going around with the cart, I never felt cramped in the arena which was super. The horses there are all gorgeous and a hoot to be around. Everything is very well taken cared for and you can tell that Kristin and Will have put so much hard working into both the facility and the horses there.

The Lesson

I got the opportunity to drive a Hackney Pony named Cruiser. He was so much fun to learn with and had such a cute personality. We started with basic grooming and explanation the different pieces of the tack being used.  If you have lunged or long lined a horse before, most of it will seem familiar to you. Next we took Cruiser to the arena to hook up the cart and get started!

For the first part of the lesson, Kristin had Cruiser on a long line to give me a chance to get a feeling for him and driving in general. She was fantastic and her explanations made the whole learning experience a breeze. After I had gotten used to steering and the overall feelings I was taken off the lunge line and we tried some diagonals and backing up!

Take Away

I found that it was easy to pick up on things because I had ridden before. I highly recommend that anyone wanting to learn how to drive take at least one in saddle lesson first to understand the basic movements of a horse as well as skills like steering which is easier to grasp when you are not as wide or long. Driving can be beneficial to riders as it helps you learn how to plan ahead and provides a different view on a horse’s movement. It also will help you develop your vocal communication and how to leverage your upper body better as you don’t have as many contact points with the horse.

I will say, this is addictive! I had an absolute blast and can’t wait to go back for another lesson. Kristin, Will, and Cruiser made the whole experience super fun and enjoyable. If you are in the Georgetown/Lexington, KY area, I highly recommend you head over to the Georgetown Riding Academy for a riding or driving lesson!

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