Turkey and Ham Sandwich with cheese, carrot salad, rotisserie chicken and wasabi chips, and a soda

Friendly Food


CroissantWe stopped at the same bakery this morning as we did yesterday. I was a little bit more confident in my French and was able to order about 60% without using English. We had a walking tour of the 5th arrodissement so I didn’t want something too heavy to eat. I had another croissant which was just as good as it was the first time.



On the walking tour we visited the Panteon, the Arene de Lutece (a Roman amphitheater), Sainte-Etienne-du-Mont-Church, as well as some quick stops along the way to read various plaques. We definitely worked up an appetite after walking for about 4 hours so we quickly made our way over to the Jardin du Luxembourg which is stunning!


Turkey and Ham Sandwich with cheese, carrot salad, rotisserie chicken and wasabi chips, and a soda

I had a ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich on a bread that is close to sourdough. I tried the poulet rôti Lays chips, wasabi chips, and the carrot salade as well as an orange soda. The Lays chips tasted exactly as a chicken would to the point that I was a little concerned with the accuracy. I could only manage to eat one wasabi chip because it was so spicy. (Note to self, if a lot of people tell you something is spicy then it probably is spicy.) The carrot salade was different and I’m still deciding how I feel about it. It is shredded carrots with some vinegar dressing on it. It definitely isn’t bad but I don’t think it would be something I would order on my own. The soda was a lot like our Fanta and was really good.

The French Way

After we finished lunch, we learned about how the French normally eat. It is a very structured system and is done in a way that food is both eaten for nourishment and enjoyment. They aren’t super restrictive on what they eat like some of our diets such as Paleo, Whole30, gluten free, etc. Children normally have something sweet for a snack around 4 pm and there is typically a dessert and coffee with most meals.

Apricot and cherry

We passed around a container of apricots and cherries for everyone to try one. I had never had either and was pretty excited to try them. I got a little confused about how to eat a cherry as I didn’t realize there was a pit. So, what you do is bite it in half and then use your teeth to take the pit out. (Thank you to my amazing roommate for showing me how!) This is much cleaner than what I tried to do with a fork.


Three small cookies

We also passed around some Nutella, lemon jam, and chocolate topped cookies to try. I loved the Nutella and chocolate cookies as they were sweet but not too much and had very nice wafer parts to them that allowed you to balance but still taste the sweet part. Lemon flavored sweets haven’t been my favorite as I find them to be overly strong which was the case for the lemon jam cookie. If you like lemon flavors and jam then I would totally say you should try it.



Steak and Cheese SandwhichA couple of us were really tired from all of the walking and wanted to stay on the cheaper side for dinner. So guess were we went! If you answered the bakery that I went to for breakfast you would be totally correct. They also have a variety of sandwiches and dinner items available.  They will cook for you there after you order or you can take it home and cook it yourself I ordered the steak and cheddar sandwich which was a lot like a French hamburger. I also came to love the bakery owner even more because I said that I worked at the sandwich instead of I would like the sandwich. She was still super nice and just laughed under her breath while ringing me out. The sandwich was very good though it was a little cold when we got back. There was lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise on it which I was pretty ok with. I ended up picking the tomatoes off but that is just a me thing.

Food Lesson of the Day

The four of us ended up eating in my room and talked for 2 hours. It was so therapeutic and fun that I wondered why more of us don’t do it at home.  Take your time to eat and really enjoy the company of the people you are eating with. We learned so much about each other in those 2 hours it was actually surprising. Here in France, food is used for more than nourishment and it has been so amazing to take part in this practice. I know life can get crazy but try to slow down for at least one meal and I think you will be surprised with how good you feel afterwards.


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